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Born: the 13th of April, 1984 in Umeå
Home: Umeå, Sweden
Hight: 189 cm
Weight: 80kg


I grew up in the north part of Sweden with my family. My whole childhood has been influenced by all kinds of athletics, which still is a big part of my life. I started race competitively in cross country skiing at early age and went to a spelilized cross country high school in Sollefteå where I studied for four years while trying to develope as a competitive skier. 2002-2003 I took a year of school in Sollefteå and moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, in the united states. In Sun Valley I went to high school, raced in skiing for the local team and met a lot of wonderful people. When I graduated high school here in Sweden I moved back to my hometown Umeå where I continued with skiing while working part time. Now, two and a half years later, I am planning for a trip to Nepal.

“Exploring the himalayas”

I have always had a faschination about the wilderness, ever since boyscouts. I remember when I was 16 and together with my dad hiked Kebnekajse, the highest mountain in Sweden. But it was not until I went and lived in the rocky mountains in USA I really got inspirated about hiking. I also got the experience to live on high altitude there.

This spring I decided to take this winter off skiing, I wanted to do something else for a while. Then I decided to go to Nepal.

I have always been intrested in experiencing new cultures and getting to know new people. I find it exiting to learn new things.

Through a Swedish organisation Namasté Nepal, which supports local development projects in Nepal, I got a lot of help and good contacts on a personal level, both in Nepal and here in Sweden.

During my time in Nepal I will live in Bhandar, a mountain village on the route that leads up to Everest Base Camp. I will also be at a school in a village in Odari, which lies in the low-lands. I will work as a volunteer in the local school, teaching the kids English.

There will be plenty of hiking. I hope to get great views with my camera so look out for updated pictures on the website.

I believe that I will have a great experience in Nepal, meet a lot of nice people and get a lot of new perspectives. I am looking forward to my journey.


Martin Isaksson

Martin Isaksson



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